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What happens at the museum during the change of exhibitions?

Ever since the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra closed the exhibition Influencers in Art. From Van Goyen to Pop Art, it is in full swing.

But what is really going on within our walls? New exhibition means new room!

During the closing, the room is subject to different modifications and personalised by the artistic discourse thought out for each of the exhibitions. Once decided, the operators of each area (carpenters, painters, ventilation, vinyls, room titles, …) proceed to the transformation of the room. The walls that make up the interior are modules that can be moved to create new spaces, giving the room a new character. Throughout this new itinerary, the walls are repainted with the corporate colours of the exhibition and the vinyls and titles of the exhibition are installed, the room begins to take shape.

From then on, we look forward to the new works! Museography is one of the essential elements in the preparation of an exhibition. Following the room plan to the letter, each of the pieces is placed and fixed to its assigned wall, together with the cartels of the works that hold the essential information. This fundamental step, which finally reveals all the artistic discourse prepared in advance, is completed by the adjustment of the light spots necessary to reveal the production of these exceptional artists in its best light, crowning the whole.

The team of the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra awaits you from 12 February 2021 to present the new exhibition: TALENTS Painters of the Same Origin. From Rigalt to Puigdengolas.

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