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The “Andorran Landscapes” workshop for the Constitution, a success!

The Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra celebrates the Constitution with Andorran landscapes as protagonists!

On Constitution Day, this Saturday 13 March, the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra was inspired by Andorran landscapes to commemorate this special day together.

On 14 March 1993, the country’s first Constitution came into force, transforming the Principalty into an independent state and a source of pride for its inhabitants.

The Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra witnessed this attachment to the country through some of the works of the artists who fell in love with our landscapes, but also through the works of the workshop participants.

During this activity, the participants were able to discover, in a brief introduction, the history of the Principalty and the creation of the Constitution, explained through two Andorran landscapes present in the current exhibition: Talented Painters of the Same Origin. From Rigalt to Puigdengolas, Santa Coloma Fields by Joaquim Mir and Snowy Landscape by Rafael Durancamps.

During the workshop, the families were able to reconstruct these landscapes in the form of collages, using all kinds of materials. Between tissue paper, glitter, felt, stickers and natural elements such as leaves and branches, everyone was able to create beautiful works of art!

From the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra, we are once again grateful for your active participation!

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