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Happy Sant Jordi Day from the MCTA team!

Did you know that 23 April, Sant Jordi Day, is also the International Day of the Book and the Rose?

This is precisely why, traditionally, men receive a book and women a rose.

The art of the written is often linked to pictorial art. In the history of art, we find movements common to both practices, as in the case of surrealism.

Some authors sometimes shine in several fields. This is the case of two artists in the exhibition: Talented Painters of the Same Origin. From Rigalt to Puigdengolas.

We cannot talk about Catalan art without mentioning Santiago Rusiñol. This internationally renowned painter was one of the great names in modernist literature. Developing his reflections on modern society in the 19th century, it was through poetry, prose, and theatre that this total artist also became known during his lifetime. These writings, always imbued with a personal and realistic sensibility, echo his paintings. This is particularly true of the work Patio and Figure, which you can see in the exhibition room at the MCTA.

Speaking about theatre, we would like to mention another artist. Characterized by his genre scenes with strong contrasts in light, Lluís Graner was a proponent of what we might call total art. As director of the Mercé Hall, set designer and theatre promoter, we still remember a painter who, throughout his life, was linked to the 6th art.


Looking for an original book?

The Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra shop also has a wide range of books for all tastes and ages. Not far from the children’s editions, you will find general and specialized books on specific movements or periods in the history of art in the lobby.

From ancient art to modernity, don’t hesitate to come and discover all the books dedicated to the Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection!

From the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra, we wish you a happy Sant Jordi and International Day of the Book and the Rose!

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