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You can now visit the works of the copyists in the Museum

From May 6th, you can visit the pictorial result of the “Copyists at the Museum” 2024 project, in the exhibition hall of the  Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra.

This collaboration with the School of Art of the Commune of Andorra la Vella offers students the challenge of learning from the great masters of the “SONS. Analogies between music and painting” exhibition.
For a month, the students Daniela Cerqueda, Valentín Díaz, Mariana Miorín and Joana Ruiz have worked on the reproduction of the Arlequí works by Ramon Casas i Carbó, La Figuera Vella, Valldemosa by Casimir Martínez Tarrassó, A la revetlla by Fernando De Villodas and Revillas and Fishermen on the beach, Cambrils de Ramon Sanvisens and Marfull.

The apprenticeship of copyists has been carried out under the guidance of the painting teacher at the Escola d’art Helena Guàrdia and has made it possible to study pictorial concepts such as depth, brushstrokes and the color palette.

Don’t miss it and visit the result!

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