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The Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra strengthens its academic commitment in the university cultural field

Txell Díaz will give a course on the different interpretation tools used to bring art closer to the visitor during visits to the museum.

The University of Andorra (UDA) and the Carmen Thyssen Museum are strengthening their collaboration through the continuation of the project with the Bachelor of Science in Education, collaborating with the Master of Education, and offering a course at the Aula d’Estiu 2022.

For the third year in a row, the museum is the university tutor of the Bachelor’s degree project in Education Sciences. This tutelage is based on the follow-up of a student’s final year work which revolves around the educational playfulness of cultural institutions. In 2021, the project aimed to set up a didactic guide for children aged three to twelve with disabilities. This theme is now being developed with the JEI (Joves en Inclusió) service of the Fundació Tutelar d’Andorra. This year, this educational challenge is launched with the student Arnau Solé, who focuses on art and mental health.

Thanks to this good understanding, both institutions have extended their collaboration with the Master in Education offered by the academic institution. Through this project, a student is invited to carry out an inclusive work centred on the creation of audio descriptions of exhibited works, aimed at the visually impaired public. This work has been supervised by ONCE, the Spanish National Organisation of the Blind, in coordination with the UDA.

First collaboration with the Aula d’Estiu

Another new feature is the museum’s participation for the first time in the UDA 2022 Aula d’Estiu programme, whose theme is “Accessibility to art at the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum”, proposed by Txell Díaz, a member of the museum’s production team. The exhibitor has a degree in Humanities and is a specialist in art from the UPF. She also has a degree in Performing Arts and Social Action from the Theatre Institute, with a master’s degree in theatre from UAB, UPF and IT.

The course will begin with a guided tour of “Made in Paris”, which will allow participants to discover the interpretation tools used to bring art closer to the visitor. According to Díaz, after the tour, a total of eight practical exercises will be carried out. The students will be confronted with different dynamics and situations that they will have to solve. After each exercise, a debate will be held to discuss the objectives of the practical exercises and the conclusions to be drawn. The course will take place on Wednesday 22 June at 14:00 and is aimed at teachers, students and anyone interested in the subject. The cost of the course is 16 euros and pre-registration will remain open until 3 June 2022.
Registration link: https://www.uda.ad

Participation in the University of Málaga’s own title: Auxiliary Technician in Cultural Environments

For the fifth year, the museum is collaborating with the University of Malaga in the Educational Study Days for Auxiliary Technicians in Cultural Environments. This training is aimed at young people with functional diversity to promote their integration and inclusion as professionals in cultural environments.

The training sessions, offered by Raquel Begueria and Charline Bony in collaboration with Teresa Areny, members of the museum team, will take place on 25 and 26 May. The aim is to introduce the Andorran museum model, focusing mainly on educational programmes and projects dedicated to inclusion through art.
In this way, the students will discover the practices that bring culture closer to all audiences, as well as the different synergic actions that complement the museum’s cultural projects.


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