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Frequently Asked Questions : What is EduCarmenThyssen?

As we do every week, we answer the frequently asked questions that visitors often ask us when they arrive at the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra.
Today it is the turn of the question: What is the EduCarmenThyssen?

The educational dimension represents a real challenge for the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra, which has created a ludic and highly active department for young people and families: the EduCarmenThyssen. Based and inspired by the exhibition that the museum offers, our team creates a new programme every year in accordance with the theme and the artworks chosen.

The programme proposal, consulted and validated by the Andorran Ministry of Education, is then shared with all educational systems. The workshops are based on a visit of the exhibition and an activity in the EduCarmenThyssen room and can be adapted to particular requests (artistic movement, artwork, particular artist, …), in order to meet the expectations and stay as close as possible to the professorship.

The educational programme is therefore a real anchor point for the Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra, which aims to raise young people’s awareness of art, culture and creation in a playful way in order to stimulate memory, interaction and critical thinking.

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