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9th edition of the Ull Nu Festival

The ninth edition of the Ull Nu Festival, to be held from 25 to 29 May, will feature screenings, artistic installations, workshops, live audio-visual performances, concerts and a competition for short and feature films.

The Andorra Audiovisual Festival will hold its 9th edition from 25 to 29 May. Once again, this year, the event will aim to disseminate and promote the creativity, art, culture and talent of young creators from all over the Pyrenees. To achieve this, the organisation has taken up the challenge of diversifying the events even further and of carrying out actions that will serve to bring a whole range of innovative creative projects closer to the public. This will also serve to show the audiovisual trends of the moment. Thus, there will be open-air art installations, augmented reality, an exhibition on NFT, a phenomenon that in a very short time has revolutionised the traditional art market and cryptocurrencies, a school session, workshops, conferences, concerts and the now well-recognised short and feature film competition. All this with the aim of showcasing the work of emerging talent around us.

The Ull Nu Festival is back with a vengeance after two years of pandemic, during which it had to change its programme to adapt to the situation.

The presentation of the programme of the Ull Nu Festival took place this Monday and was made by the Councillor of Joventut of the County of Andorra la Vella, Alain Cabanes, and the director of the event, Hèctor Mas.

The councillor of the Comú recalled that they have been collaborating with the festival since its beginnings and emphasised that with the alternative proposals, the programme of screenings “wants to generate an interaction between cultural heritage and new technologies, as well as experimenting with the combination of urban and heritage spaces“. He also pointed out that, thanks to the volunteer programme for teenagers aged 12 to 17, set up by the youth service with the participation of the Comú, the festival will be able to count on the support of young people who collaborate in various areas of the event.

For his part, the director of the Festival highlighted the high level of participation in the two categories of the competition: 242 short films, of which 21 were selected, and 34 feature films, of which three will be eligible for the award. In addition, Mas highlighted the fact that three of the short films were made by Andorran artists, “a fact that demonstrates the good health of the country’s audio-visual sector”.

The professional jury is made up of Desirée Guirao, born in Andorra in 1982, as a costume designer; Oriol Capel, born in Barcelona, author of feature films and television; and Florent Pallarés, born in Cabestany (France) in 1962, filmmaker, lecturer and trainer. The other members of the jury are Iker Sánchez, Cristina Moragues and Clàudia Montes, chosen by Carnet Jove Andorra.


Click here to see the programme.

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