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What is a chord? And what relationship does it have with painting?

Today we present the group of paintings “Chord” from the exhibition SONS . Analogies between music and painting, made up of Jeanna Maria Charlotta Bauck, Celso Lagar, Ramon Martí i Alsina and Eliseu Meifrèn i Roig.

A chord is produced when three or more notes sound at the same time and are classified according to the intervals that form them. The most normal way to form an agreement is to take a base note, for example La, and add its third and fifth notes, which in this case would correspond to Mi and Do, and which would sound all at the same time, forming a harmonious sound. However, depending on how these intervals are combined, different types of chords will be formed: minor, major, diminished or augmented.

Painters, like musicians, use various elements such as brushstrokes, composition or colors so that their paintings have one connotation or another.

Come visit them at the Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum and let yourself be carried away by the melody of the sea waves.



For the composition of the fish I was basically inspired by the title that gives name to the pad (Chords) and in which each painting in particular has been transmitted. I have always tried to use real instruments to donate organic granules to the charity, similar to those found in quadrilateral materials. Gairebé always, he has stored both electronic elements, sampling and synthesizers.
In “La bailaora (The danser)”, an Andalusian tune featuring classical guitar, palms and piano captures the contrast between the darkness of the vocals and the light of the dancer’s clothing. “Les Bulerías” are percudides with organic elements such as Spicy artells on the taula, palms and cops on the guitar top, creating a subjective harmony.

In “Improvised dance”, the music tries to capture the folklore of some European colonized regions, with ethnic instruments such as the Kora and percussions performed by men.
“‘Honfleur Port” is a progression of minor chords with chords and samples of feminine sounds, expressing sadness, uncertainty and mystery.
“Marina amb vaixells”, by the new band incorporates sound effects that recreate the sound of the cordes colpejant els pals dels velers, with a bucolic music of pizzicatos cordes and piano.
The “Sailboats” are a metaphor for freedom, with an optimal melody and harmony that prepare the journey for extraordinary moments.

At the “Barcelona Beach”, the sea and the sea are presented with sonorous effects during the entire instrumental piece, with a minimalist piano and a simple melody that reflects the music of the upper bourgeoisie of the time. Finally, “The ball Musette” evokes 18th century France with a traditional orchestration of accordions, melodies, contrabass and percussion.

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